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Are you active in or a supplier to the aviation industry? Then you know what's most important: reliability. Electronics are no exception in this industry. But demands to reduce the volume and weight of components and systems are continually increasing. So where can you find the right partner, one who is both flexible and creative when dealing with changing conditions and who also has the staying power to see projects though over a period of several years?

International market leaders in the civil and military aviation industry depend on the innovative expertise, competence and solutions from ATLAS EMS. We would be delighted to meet with you and discuss your project, problem or plans.


You know that space travel is extremely demanding on electronic assemblies, devices, and systems - heat, cold, shock, pressure, and acceleration are only a few of the factors involved. Reliable new technical solutions that can withstand these conditions are always in demand. Where can you find the right company to partner with for implementing innovative solutions and putting your systems to the test under extreme conditions?

We apply decades of experience so that you, too, can profit from our capabilities. We look forward to meeting you in person and showing you how we work

Medical Devices

Medical technology is a global growth market driven by non-stop innovation. Even market leaders are unable to rely exclusively on their own development resources. There is simply too much competition and time pressure. The complexity and diversity of the technologies require additional resources. To compete, you need to make enormous investments in specialists, technologies and equipment. Where can you find the right partner who is able to provide insights for developing new products or enhancing existing ones, as well as economical production solutions?

More than 5,500 patents over the course of our company's history testify to our innovative capabilities. Let's talk - we're ready to take on your challenges!

Maritime Technology

Wind, ice, heat, corrosion. At sea, reliability and durability are what counts. New applications are developed and requirements get tougher at a breakneck pace for the electronics used in these conditions. We feel right at home with this kind of challenge. For decades, most of the world's navies and countless shipping industry suppliers and shipyards have relied on us as a development and production partner.

What demanding challenges are you currently facing?

Just give us a call, and together we'll discuss the best way we can reach your objectives.

Industrial Technology

New technologies and procedures are continually being developed in the industrial technology sector. Metals are being cut with lasers under a microscope and the tiniest deviations are now measured with ultrasound. There appears to be no limit to the possibilities of sensor and microprocessor technology. The demands on imaging procedures are increasing; real-time results and process automation are hot topics. A great number of independent parameters need to be collected and evaluated in fractions of a second. These parameters provide the basis for analyses, diagnoses and decisions. How do you react to the growing demands from your industrial clients?

Maybe this is a good time to talk to our experts. Particularly for complex assignments, customers value ATLAS EMS as a source of innovative ideas and a dependable partner. Ask us how we can work together to solve your problems and discover new alternatives.