Engeneering Answers


We'll take a close look at your specific situation. Tell us about your needs, objectives and problems, and we'll give them the consideration they deserve. Then we'll meet with you to discuss the pros and cons of our potential solutions. After that, you'll have a good basis to decide if you would benefit from working with us. The next move is up to you. Establishing a dialogue is the key. Together, we can find innovative solutions.

Sebaldsbrücker Heerstraße 235
28309 Bremen

Phone: +49 421 457-04
Fax: +49 421 457-3099
E-Mail: info(at)atlas-ems.de

How to find us

Coming from Hanover or Hamburg

Take the motorway A1 (from Hamburg) or A27 (from Hanover) to the “Bremer Kreuz” intersection. Follow the signs to Bremerhaven until you get to the exit Bremen-Sebaldsbrück. Continue along B75 (Osterholzer Heerstrasse and Sebaldsbrücker Heerstrasse), following the signs to the city centre (Stadtmitte).

From the motorway exit, it is approx. 5 km to the Northern Premises (Werk Nord) and 5.5 km to the Southern Premises (Werk Süd).

Coming from Osnabrück

Leave the motorway A1 at the exit Bremen-Hemelingen, continue along the feeder road until you get to the exit Sebaldsbrück, then follow Hannoversche Strasse and Schlengstrasse to Brüggeweg (Southern Premises - Werk Süd) and Sebaldsbrücker Heerstrasse (Northern Premises - Werk Nord).

From the motorway exit, it is approx. 3 km to the Southern Premises and 3.5 km to the Northern Premises.

Coming from Bremerhaven

Leave the motorway A27 at the exit Bremen-Sebaldsbrück, and then follow the description given for Hanover/Hamburg.