Engeneering Answers


Digital technology:
  • Use of all common microcontrollers, DSPs, microprocessors, FPGAs,and CPLDs
  • Multi-processor systems
  • Hardened industrial PCs
  • Based on off-the-shelf motherboards for tough environmental conditions and with the smallest possible dimensions
  • Data transfer technology:
  • All interface standards in common use: glass fibre, CANbus, VME,PCI, Ethernet, PMC backplanes
  • High-speed data recording with reasonably priced hard-disks
  • Sensor technology
Analog technology:
  • Power electronics, power supply and filtering technology, highperformancereceiving amplifiers
Hardware simulation
  • pSpice for analog circuits, 6SigmaET to avoid hot spots
  • EMC-compatible design, testing in accredited EMC laboratory
  • Obsolescence management for electronic components


By means of integrated test and monitoring functions (Built-In Test Equipment - BITE), we increase the availability and reliability of our hardware components.