Engeneering Answers

PCB Design

Rapidly and competently, we translate the wishes of our customers into practice using the most advanced CAD systems. The standard EDA software we use is Xpedition by Mentor Graphics. On request, we also carry out digital and analog circuit simulations. We can offer you an especially broad spectrum of know-how when it comes to designing large-scale integrated HDI (High Density Interconnect) PCBs, and this both for rigid and for rigid-flexible applications.

Our designs are
  • production-oriented
  • layer- and cost-optimised, and
  • functionally reliable.
Our range of services covers:
  • Rigid, rigid-flexible, and flexible PCBs
  • Sequential build-up, microvia, and metal core technologies
  • Impedance control and high-speed signal simulation
  • Thermal management optimised by FEM (thermal simulation)
  • High-voltage applications according to EN / VDE
  • High-current applications in the range of more than 100 A
  • Extra-long rigid-flex and flex PCBs as cable substitutes (also > 1m)

Aside from this, we have great competency in design engineering. Our scope of services comprises electronic module designs as well as die-cast or investment-cast housings and encapsulated modules including all accessories. The development of a cooling concept ranging from the higher-level housing system to the module and, if necessary, also to the IC complements our scope of services. For this, we use the finite elements software 6SigmaET from ALPHA-Numerics.