Engeneering Answers

PCB Assemblies

We manufacture and check electronic PCB assemblies to the most stringent production requirements and highest precision in SMT and THT.

Our scope of delivery ranges from low-density double-sided PCBs up to large-size 24-layer multilayer, flex and rigid-flex PCBs equipped on both sides. Fine-pitch SMDs with a pitch of 0.4 mm are as much part of our daily business as BGAs with a contact spacing of 0.5 mm.

Modules to be reflow soldered on both sides in combination with wave soldering and partially automated soldering also belong to our extended standard.

We generate all programs for SMD mounting as well as for semiautomatic HMD mounting and the ICT from the CAD data. For tests of smaller quantities, we have flying probe testers which carry out up to 20 measurements per second at a favourable price and without module-specific adapters.

To secure our high quality standard, we maintain technology-oriented cooperation with various PCB manufacturers, who are regularly audited by us. We will also gladly handle the material procurement for the PCB assembly production at the best terms for you.

Our Range of Services

Module Identification
  • Laser marking of metal plates, adhesive labels, and front strips incl. logos and consecutive serial numbers, also bar code and data matrix
Functional Test
  • Computer-aided automated functional inspection
  • Digital: up to 1024 pins simultaneously, at max. 900 MHz
  • Analog: zero hertz up into the gigahertz range
  • Level less than -180 dBV, ranging up to high voltage
  • Current up to 120 amperes
  • System test: e.g. VME bus boards
Other Technologies
  • Semiautomatic HMD (hole mounted device) mounting
  • Double-wave soldering system 400 mm wide in nitrogen atmosphere
  • Partial soldering
  • Press-fit technology for connectors
  • Installation of power supply units
  • Functional test on VXIbus-based test systems
  • Module coating
  • Component programming
  • Module cleaning according to MIL-standard
  • Automatic optical inspection system and x-ray inspection