Engeneering Answers

Plastics Technology

We offer you sophisticated plastic casting technologies for castings with particularly high pressure resistance and bond strength as well as very high resistance to chemicals. The high sensitivity of the processes demands continuous quality control during system design and the cast process (NCO and sample analyses). Production is carried out in air-conditioned workshops.

special feature is the production of components for underwater applications by means of casting: the processes developed for this technology are used e.g. for theproduction of cables for underwater use and similarly sophisticated products. We manufacture the required special tools and operating supplies for all applications ourselves, in order to ensure flexibility and short delivery times.

We use adhesive bonding of metals as an alternative to screwing and welding techniques, e.g. for the production of housings and brackets.

Our Range of Services
  • Ultra-fine cleaning in ultrasonic baths
  • Low-pressure plasma cleaning for surface activation
  • Application of primers (adhesion promoters) using manual spraying methods
  • Plastic castings in various forms, also under vacuum
  • Heat treatment in drying cabinets for temperature ranges up to 250°C
  • Production of special multi-conductor saltwater-proof cables for underwater use
  • Impregnating of electronic components, also under vacuum
  • Pressure tests in water tanks up to max. 100 bar