Engeneering Answers

Climate Simulations

Is your product suitable for everyday use? In the environmental simulation centre, we can create the most diverse of climate conditions, from the Sahara to the South Pole.

Temperature Testing

In special chambers of various sizes, we generate temperatures of up to 200°C. Our systems allow us to vary the temperatures in a defined way, in order to measure the behaviour of the specimen when the temperature changes.

Humidity Testing

Climate conditions can only be simulated realistically when the air humidity is considered, too. Our climate chambers are designed so that they can produce a relative humidity of 10% to 98% in the temperature range from +10°C to +95°C. In the temperature range from -5°C to +10°C, even extreme dehumidification

Temperature Cycle Testing

In temperature cycling test chambers, maximum cycle speeds of < 15°C per minute can be achieved. Electrical operation of the product to be tested can be realised without problems.

Cold Testing

Extreme minus degrees can be obtained in our climate chambers. The lowest temperature is -75°C. Even in these ranges, it is possible to vary the temperature in a defined manner.