Engeneering Answers

Mechanical Simulations

Your products are exposed to extreme mechanical loads? We develop a special test programme for your product.

Shock Test

With a shock table, we generate acceleration levels of up to 1000g.

Vibration Testing

A lot of products are exposed to vibration, not only during transport but also during equipment operation. We simulate these loads with vibration test systems that create all required forms of excitation in various spectral bandwidths.

Pressure Testing (Water/Air)

In our tanks, we can build up a water pressure of up to 105 hPa, up to 5x104 hPa using pumps, and beyond it statically. Pressure cycling tests are possible up to 5x104 hPa. For low-pressure tests, we have a vacuum chamber in which an ambient pressure of up to 16 hPa can be built up.

Tensile and Compression Testing

We simulate tensile and compressive loads using a system with a test force ranging from 50 N up to 50 kN.