Your equipment is used to process classified data? Do you need a certification survey? In our tempest test laboratory, which is BSI-approved (Federal Office for Information Security), the required measurements can be carried out according to the German National Zone Model.

The testing possibilities extend to the verification of Zone 1 – 3 as well as SDIP 27 Level B-C (ER).

Certification measurements
For new developments or modifications to existing hardware, a certification survey is required as a type test. We are able to carry out these measurements for you on the basis of the specifications laid down by the BSI.

Short-measurement procedures
After the certification survey, your equivalent devices can be “short-measured” and tamper-proof  sealed as a serial test. The short-measurement has to be repeated after a specified interval.

Advisory service
We will gladly advise you on your device design with a view to complying with the BSI specifications.

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