Reliability is a top priority, also for the electronics. Coupled with increasing requirements for weight and volume reduction of the systems and components. So where can you find the right partner who, on the one hand, can adapt flexibly and creatively to changing conditions and, on the other, can also see through projects lasting several years?

Space flight

New, reliable technical solutions are constantly being sought for devices that can permanently withstand extreme stresses such as heat, cold, shock, pressure and acceleration. Where can you find the right partner to implement innovative solutions with you and put your systems through their paces under extreme conditions?

Medical devices

Medical technology is a global growth market, driven by a constantly increasing pace of innovation. Even market leaders today cannot rely solely on their own developments. The pressure of competition and time is simply too great. So where can you find the right partner who can give you fresh impetus for the advancement or new development of your devices as well as economical manufacturing solutions?

Maritime technology

Storm, ice, heat, risk of corrosion. On the high seas, reliability and robustness are what count. New applications and increasing requirements are constantly emerging for electronics. We are very familiar with such challenges. For decades now, most of the world’s navies as well as ship equipment suppliers and shipyards have relied on us as a system manufacturer and as a development and production partner. Put us to the test!

Industrial technology

Nowadays, new technologies and processes are constantly being introduced in industrial engineering. There seem to be no limits to sensor and microprocessor technology. The demands on imaging techniques are increasing; the focus is on real-time results and process automation. Especially for complex tasks, customers appreciate ATLAS EMS as an innovative initiator and reliable partner. Ask us how we can solve your problems together with you and, at the same time, break new ground.