Assembly of components/units

An efficient organization, short distances, a functional infrastructure and an intensive exchange of experience together ensure optimal results, short delivery times and favourable prices. Our range of services extends from one-off production to batch manufacture and assembly line fabrication. Implementation takes place in close dialogue with customers and developers within the scope of “simultaneous engineering”.

Our portfolio of services

  • Mounting and wiring of assemblies, mounting racks, power supply units, cable distributors and electronics inserts
  • Mounting and wiring of electronics cabinets, control panels, consoles and subsystems, including check of workmanship and high-voltage test
  • Computer-controlled testing of the entire wiring as well as backplanes with regard to connection check, insulation test and high-voltage test
  • Functional tests with digital and analog computer-supported fault detection for modules and devices, including the necessary factory acceptance tests and acceptance tests with the customer.

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