Electronic assemblies

We manufacture and test electronic PCB assemblies for you with the highest manufacturing requirements and greatest precision in SMD and THT technology.

We manufacture your products from a quantity of 1 up to large-scale production. Our delivery spectrum ranges from double-sided PCBs with a low component density to large-format 24-layer multilayers mounted on both sides, as well as from flex and rigid-flex PCBs to ultra-fine-structure PCBs on glass substrates. Fine-pitch SMDs with a lead pitch of 0.4 mm are just as much a part of our day-to-day business as BGAs with a lead pitch of 0.22 mm.

ATLAS EMS gives you the complete spectrum of electronic assembly production.

Material procurement, SMD pick-and-place and reflow soldering, THT insertion / manual soldering, functional tests and ICT as well as the protective coating of assemblies.
All processes can be carried out lead-free as well as lead-containing.


Our portfolio also includes wave and selective soldering as well as soldering in a vapour phase.

3D-SPI, 3D-AOI and X-ray inspections round off the quality assurance of our processes and thus assure the optimum quality of your assemblies.

Our portfolio of services

SMD placement:

  • Solder paste printing with stencil or for small quantities or assemblies with special requirements: solder application with a high-performance solder paste dispenser
  • Precision camera systems for component measurement and position correction
  • The optimum soldering process for every component,
    e.g. reflow for “standard” applications or vapour phase for components with complex thermal capacity profiles.

Functional test:

  • Automated and semi-automated functional test
  • Test system development according to customer requirements
  • Freely expandable test system according to customer requirements
  • Obsolescence management → maintaining testability over 40 years
  • Own software environment, adaptable to customer requirements → optimized for troubleshooting
  • Extensive experience with complex tests and verifications → also for the system testing
  • Competent advice on testing strategy and on the optimization of existing testing processes

Assembly marking:

  • Laser marking of metal signs, foil labels and front panels incl. logos and consecutive serial numbers, also bar code and Data Matrix

Other technologies:

  • THT (through-hole technology) placement
  • Double wave soldering unit 400 mm wide with nitrogen tunnel
  • Partial soldering
  • Pressing in complex connector strips
  • Mounting of power supply units
  • Assembly coating
  • Programming of electronic components
  • Cleaning of assemblies according to MIL standard
  • 3D-SPI testing, 3D-AOI inspection for optimum process monitoring
  • Solder joint inspection, also with X-ray systems
  • Flying probe test without needle bed adapter
  • Standard in-circuit test with up to 1152 node points, up to 50 MHz
  • Combined in-circuit/functional test via needle bed adapter or connector strip

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