Maritime LED systems

We are used to meeting customer-specific individual requirements with extreme conditions.
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For example, we have already been able to successfully implement concepts for underwater vessels with the most extreme shock and vibration requirements. The new 5-in-1 luminaire (red/green, decentralized auxiliary lighting for emergencies, cold and warm white light) represents a completely new lighting concept. Excellent EMC properties round off this new product.


Driver modules used so far:

  • Extremely low inrush currents of less than 0.03 A
  • Extreme dimming range from 50 lm to 4000 lm; or 2 W to 25 W
  • Compatible with control modules (e.g. DALI)
  • Flicker properties of less than 5%
  • Uniform illumination – no dazzling spots of light
  • High dielectric strength – lightning protection up to 20 kV

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