PCB design

With the latest CAD software, we realize the wishes of our customers quickly and competently.

We use Xpedition from Mentor Graphics as our standard EDA software. We also carry out digital and analog circuit simulations on request. We can offer you a wealth of experience in the design of highly integrated HDI (high density interconnect) printed circuit boards, both for rigid and rigid-flex applications.

Our designs are:

  • ready for production
  • layer – and cost-optimized
  • functionally safe.

In addition, we have a high level of expertise in design engineering.
Our scope of services includes block assembly designs as well as die-cast or investment-cast housings and encapsulated assemblies including all accessories.
Development of a cooling concept ranging from the overall enclosure system to the assembly and, if necessary, also down to the IC, complements our range of services.
For this purpose, we use the finite element software 6SigmaET from ALPHA-Numerics.

Our range of services includes:

  • Rigid, rigid-flexible and flexible PCBs
  • Sequential build-up, μVia and metal core technologies
  • Impedance control and high-speed signal simulation
  • Thermal management optimized through FEM thermal simulation
  • High-voltage applications according to EN / VDE
  • High-current applications with over 100 A
  • Extra-long rigid-flex and flex PCBs as cable substitutes (also > 1 m).

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